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Re: Problem upgrading to 2.0.6

Hugo.van.der.Kooij@caiw.nl wrote:

> As soon as part of my lab is updated I may have a go at it. (Anyone
> willing to store all these files so people can download them when I'm
> done?)

Nalin from RedHat has experimental RPMS that you can get from:


and use to test or as a basis to build your own.  Get openldap12 from
the same place while you are at it, that is a small RPM with just
the libraries from 1.2.11 that permits old programs to continue
working undisturbed.  Install both at the same time and rpm will
not complain about missing dependencies.

I use them.  As a matter of fact, RH 7.0 contains lots and lots of
things I used to build rpms for.  Now I run very few local packages
and even then, they are much closer to what RH delivers.