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capacity planning


I'm doing some capicity planning for production OpenLDAP
boxes and have a few questions about RAM usage, processors,
etc...  Thanks in advance for any experience you can share.

  o I realize that RAM usage depends a lot upon db cache
    and index cache settings, but does anyone have a good
    rule of thumb for a directory w/50,000 entries?  What about

  o Can anyone offer experience of OpenLDAP servers on 
    single CPU boxes vs. mutilple CPUs?

And one final question.  More of a sanity check for myself.
Initially my directory will live on one server.  In order 
for replication I need to split this up into multiple naming
contexts.  I don't see any major problems of running multiple
slapd instances bound to different ports on the same box, but
am I overlooking something?  

If you want to mail me privately and I will summarize 
the responses for the list, that is fine.  Thanks again 
for you comments,

Cheers, jerry
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