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distributing ldpa parent/subtree not working

  hello friends 

  i have installed openldap 1.2.7 on linux , 

 i have two mechines 

on mechine -1  , my slapd.conf 

   suffix, o=company,c=in
   also tried with and without ,

referral      ldap://mechine2.company.com:389/ou=test,o=company,c=in

also ,added smart referral entrie  for	 ou=test,o=company,c=in
in the database of parent server , 
with ,


objectclass : referral 

on mechine -2  , my slapd.conf 

   suffix,  ou=test,o=company,c=in
   referral   ldap://parentserver.tataisp.com/o=company,c=in

   now from mechine  i am getting entries stored on mechine-1( which is
parent ) 

  but from parent (i.e.  o=tataisp,c=in)  i am not getting any entries
stored on chield  ( ou=test,o=tataisp,c=in),

 when i gives ,

 ldapsearch -b "ou=test,o=company,c=in"  uid=user , its giving 

MATCHED , o=company,c=in 


    please help me and point me to my mistake ,

thanks and regards ,
Prashant Desai