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Re: Addtion of userCertificate in LDAP.

At 11:59 PM 10/8/00 +0530, Vimalan.G wrote:
>I want to add the userCertificate in LDAP.
>I have added the userCertificate attribute in LDIF file.
>And the objectclass  inetOrgPerson.
>can you suggest the syntax for adding a certificate thro'

userCertificate is an X.509 certificate and should be
transferred using ;binary.  This requires you have a 
copy of the certificate encoded using BER (or DER).
In LDIF, I recommend using the URI inclusion form.

userCertificate;binary:< file:///path/to/cert.der

If using OpenSSL to manipulate certificates, be sure
to specify DER output (as the default is PEM).