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RE: Why does slapd need a searchbase?

At 03:58 PM 10/7/00 -0700, Howard Chu wrote:
>I agree with you, however the current backend architecture doesn't allow

Note that Jim asked to two different behaviors in one breath:
        1) the ability to return entries when the search base was not
        2) the ability to chain requests across multiple backends

I assume your response is primarily aimed at latter.

>It would be a somewhat major undertaking to reimplement the
>to support this operation.

Yes.  It would require a significant redesign of the OpenLDAP
server architecture.  With 2.0, we've tried (and continue) to
implement LDAPv3 within existing architecture.  Eventually,
we'll start talking (on the developer list) about a redesign
of OpenLDAP which would enable not only chaining of requests
across multiple databases but also LDAP extensions (VLV,
Server-Side Sort, etc.) requiring similar design changes.