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Searchbase Bug in slapd?

I am using Outlook Express 5 with slapd 2.0.6 running on NT4.  In the
testing I have come across a 'funny' which looks like a slapd bug but may be
due to an Outlook feature.

If I use Outlook to run a search against slapd (which has defaultsearchbase
configured) I get data back OK.  If I then configure the Outlook search base
to the correct base (same as set in defaultsearchbase) I still get data
back, OK so far.  However when I clear the Outlook search base to nothing I
get no data back from slapd.  In fact the logs appear to say that Outlook is
giving a base of "c=UK".  Restarting slapd makes no difference, nor does
rebooting the slapd machine.  Looks like an Outlook problem doesn't it.

BUT if I then do the same but instead of slapd I use an MS Exchange LDAP
server then it resets OK.  Also if I create a new directory account on
Outlook with no searchbase set it does not work until I stop and restart

My theory is that the logic of dealing with null search bases is wrong

Any ideas anyone?