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Re: schema problem!!!

"Kurt D. Zeilenga" wrote:

> At 01:17 PM 10/6/00 +0000, Isa de Moniq wrote:
> >slapd.user_oc.conf: line 10: unable to find superior objectclass person
> >
> >that is the error i get when i try to start up my LDAP server..
> >i have checked the slapd.oc.conf and noone has messed with that file..
> >i also checked in the user_oc.conf...but there were no errors there either..
> >
> >does anyone have a clue on where i can look.. cause this is driving me mad!!
> Looks to me like you are attempting to use 1.2 schema
> files with 2.0... that won't work.

So how do you handle this issue?  Obviously there has to be some sort of
"translation" or migration to the new layout.  With that being his
slapd.user_oc.conf file, he's obviously got some custom objectclasses and
probably some custom attributes (as is my problem).

What are the steps necessary to convert these to the new layout.  Better
question still, what are the steps necessary to convert a NS style directory
into an openldap directory?  Do the core schema match well enough that all I'd
have to worry about are the custom objectclasses/attributes?  There seems to be
a good bit of documentation lacking on the 2.0 schema definition and how to
handle this conversion.




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