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Re: authentication and authorization

At 05:31 PM 10/4/00 +0200, Edwin Roos wrote:
>I'm running OpenLDAP on Debian Linux 2.2 and have the following problem. I've added a user entry to my LDAP server and want to give that user complete read/write access. In my slapd.conf I have added the following ACL
>access to *
>    by dn="cn=user,o=MyCompany" write
>    by * read
>I have added that user in the following way:
>dn: cn=user,o=MyCompany
>cn: user
>userpassword: something
>objectclass: user
>objectclass: top
>That user is added to the server. But I cannot add /modify or delete any entries in the server when I bind with the dn of that user. Can someone please help me with this?

If that ACL is the first (and only ACL) in slapd.conf, it should
work just fine.  If it's not the first, then whether or not
it has any affect on access depends completely on previously
specified ACLs.