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Attribute Type


I am trying to add the ColdFusion/Spectra attribute types to openldap. I have the file smladap.ldif

It has entries like:
attributetypes: (
	NAME 'smAccessAccept'

...all on one line

I've been playing around with the format and the closest I've come to success gives an error message of
"additional info: attribute type undefined"

How can I add new attribute types? Every once in awhile I get an error of "OID" is not found.

My platform:
E250 with a 400mhz processor
2 gig ram
40 gig hd
Solaris 8, ColdFusion and hopefully Spectra

I am using the gdbm libraries, not the berkley.

I also ran into an issue with sasl.. when I compiled the cyrus-sasl library in I got a connection error "Unkown attributes"