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Yes, it is very much possible. Download the nss_ldap module source from
padl.com and configure it. I am using it at my workplace for authentication.
Though, i am having some problems with it like changing passowrd but the
basic authentication is woking fine.

Siddhartha Jain

-- Original Message --

>Quick question.  Is it possible to get pam_ldap to authenticate against
>an LDAP server without the need to create entries in the /etc/passwd
>file?  As far as I have seen you still need to create an entry in
>/etc/passwd for each user detailing environment variables such as shell,
>mail, homedir etc. and that PAM_LDAP basically is only capable or
>replacing the /etc/shadow file?
>Is it beyond the scope of pam_ldap to replace both /etc/passwd and

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