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LDAP API probs

I'm having problems using the 2.0.4 API against
Netscape's directory.  When I use ldap_search_s to get
attribute values that are small in size, it works
fine.  When I try to get larger values (up to 1MB),
the Sizelimit exceeded error is returned.  Only a
single entry and a single attribute value is returned
by the search, so I assume the error comes from the
attribute size, especially considering the same search
works when asking for, say, the cn attribute.

It turns out that this problem manifests itself in the
ldapsearch command-line tool as well, with the same
symptoms.  When I run the ldapsearch tool, it reports
that ber_get_next failed.  I'm certain I'm not getting
a referral back, but I do have the following
ld_options set using the ldap_set_option() call:


I don't have this problem with the 1.2.7 API and I was
wondering if this is a known issue and if there are
any workarounds available?

Thanks for any advice/help.

Jeff Carter

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