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Re: turkish

At 11:54 AM 10/4/00 +0300, Oguz YILMAZ wrote:
>About a few months ago I have asked a question about Trkish charset
>support in openldap. Recommendation was install openldap 2.x.
>I am using OpenLDAP 2.0.3.I am using turkish characters in my ldif file.

UTF-8 encoded ISO 10646-1 Turkish characters or something else?
LDAPv3 and OpenLDAP 2.0 tools expect UTF-8 encoded ISO 10646-1

>use slapadd -l ldiffile to add ldif to ldbm-gdbm database. 
>When trying to browse entries with Netscape Addressbook it shows turkish
>characters as blank boxes. When trying to browse with outlook express it
>omits turkish characters and only shows latin1 characters.
>what changes should I do in slapd configuration or anything else.
>Oguz Yilmaz