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Re: Cyrus-sasl and Openldap-2.0.3

At 10:20 PM 10/2/00 +0530, sj2@myflat.com wrote:
>I am trying to configure Openldap-2.0.3 with Cyrus-sasl-1.5.24 on Solaris
>5.7 but i get the following when i give --enable-spasswd with configure
>Checking for sasl.h     yes
>Checking for ldap_ssl_init in -lsasl no
>and the configure script then fails.
>I have libsasl.so in /usr/lib with all other library files. I have also
>included the paths of all the lib directories while running configure.

check config.log.  It should provide a hint as to why it couldn't
find ldap_ssl_init in -lsasl.