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Certainly it's possible. Both the Netscape and OpenLDAP APIs evolved from
the UMich code, and the differences are minimal. We ported Clayton Donley's
Net::LDAPapi for OpenLDAP, the diffs are trivial. I would expect that adding
OpenLDAP support to PerLDAP would be equally simple. (Of course, I say this
without ever having seen PerLDAP. Your mileage may vary.)

Also, if you already have something working with the Netscape SDK, there's
no real reason to change to any other SDK. If all you want is to use the
OpenLDAP server, then it makes no difference whose client SDK you use.

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> Dear all,
> Is anyone using PerLDAP with OpenLDAP? If so what SDK
> are you using? The Netscape one?
> I have looked on www.openldap.org, but the page which
> is meant to have the SDK for C and Tcl points back to
> www.openldap.org.
> My situation is that I currently use Netscape/Iplanet
> Directory Server (v4.11), with the Netscape SDK, and
> PerLDAP. I would like to migrate to OpenLDAP, and
> PerLDAP, but I don't know where to find an LDAPv2
> compatible C SDK. My hope is that, with some
> modifications, I can maintain the same interface, i.e.
> PerLDAP, with the directory server.
> Is this possible?b