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LDAP support por PHP


I am using Suse Linux 6.1 and have installed the ldap (openldap) server which comes with the distribution. I have a PHP ("ldap_admin" which I found searching the faq-o-matic) web interface which doesn't work when connecting to the ldap server.

I did this on a Red Hat 6.1 system installing the package php-ldap-3.0.12-6.i386.rpm which installs the /usr/lib/apache/ldap.so library and the script worked.

The same pachage cannot be installed on the suse system and I can't find it in my suse distribution. ¿Has anybody done this with Suse 6.1? ¿Where can I find information to solve this?

Un saludo :-)
Emilio Maneiro Márquez
Dpto. Informática
Hospital San Juan de Dios
Avda Eduardo Dato, 42
41005 Sevilla, España.