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Re: OpendLDAP setup?

Hi kd,
Thanks for your advise and info...

Right now, my problem is on how to access the LDAP server using email client's
address book.
I've tried using Netscape messeger and add in new directory pointing to my LDAP
server, but
it always prompt me the following error when I try to search something on it:

"Failed to search 'LDAP@RH6' due to LDAP error 'No such object' (0x20)"

Based on this error message, I not sure what else that i need to configure for
my LDAP server.

Please help to provide some advise or where can I get more related info on LDAP
setup and configuration...

Many thanks for help.....

best rdgs,

Kyle Downey wrote:

> > -the ldif file is for what? It is the database tamplate?
> It's a human-editable import-export format. For example, I usually load my
> entire LDAP database after installing by using an LDIF file to import all
> entries at once. It's like an Oracle dump format, if you're familiar with
> that.
> > -beside the quick quide and administrator guide, any other thing that i
> > need to configure?
> It depends on what you intend to do with it. Basic set-up is pretty easy for
> OpenLDAP, but documentation is very skimpy for setting up newer, more
> advanced functions, such as secure (SSL) connections.
> regards,
> kd
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