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migrating from V1->V2

I've been migrating my ldap server from openldap v12.11 to openldap v2.0.4 on a Solaris 2.6 system and here are some of my observations:

- I took ldif dump generated by ldbmcat from my v1 system and tried to feed it into my v2 system and it barfed on the "photo" and "audio" attributes. I have the core.schema, inetorgperson.schema, and cosine.schema. Error Msg:

modifying entry "cn=dbt1, o=Cornell University, c=US"
ldap_modify: Can't contact LDAP server

ldif_record() = 81

- I also had some fields that showed up in my ldif that had no data (ex. pager: ) and it didn't like that either. While I don't dis-agree that blank fields incorrectly take up space in the DB I thought folks should know this. Error Msg:
ldap_add: Protocol error
additional info: no values for attribute type

ldif_record() = 2

If I've missed something here please slap me upside the head as appropriate.... Jim