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RE: stumped: setting up SASL+GSSAPI

At 12:26 PM 9/30/00 -0400, Kyle Downey wrote:
>I should have added that. I'm writing in part because 
>        a) I followed the doc/gssapi.html examples 
>                and
>        b) I get a "local error" in the GSSAPI code, which that 
>document indicates could be just about anything on the GSSAPI side

If sample client/server are not working, the likelihood of OpenLDAP
working is quite small.  I suggest you review the Cyrus SASL
mailing list for hints and posting there for help.

"local error" are often caused by misuse/misconfiguration of
hostnames and IP addresses...  one hint, don't use "localhost",
use the host's fully-qualified host name.