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Re: Mapping fields with Microsoft.

Go to the Faq-O-Matic and do a search for "Outlook"; there is some information there about the mappings. Outlook can use many more fields than these from the LDAP database.


Mike Coughlan wrote:

We have replaced Microsoft Exchange with LDAP and IMAP. I created a test
LDAP database, and found that I can indeed pull up my LDAP records for
viewing in Outlook, great! However, I have found that Microsoft only
recognizes these records.

First Name email
Last Name

Furthermore, "Department" also maps to the Org Unit

Does anyone know what Object Class Microsoft is looking for? It would be
nice to choose those fields so that LDAP data could e read directly from the
mail program.

Here is what the test record looks like, as an exported test.ldif file:

anniversary: Anniversary
pager: Pager
mail: firstname@test.org
spouse: Spouse
account: Account
uuid: 57
birthday: Birthday
web_page: Web Page
business_street: Business Street
business_street3: Business Street 3
business_street2: Business Street 2
objectclass: top
objectclass: gothamContact
company: Company
home_fax: Home Fax
sn: Last Name
company_main_phone: Company Main Phone
home_country: Home Country
children: Children
priority: Priority
business_phone2: Business Phone 2
referred_by: Referred By
categories: Categories
business_state: Business State
business_fax: Business Fax
business_city: Business City
middle_name: Middle Name
cn: First Name
home_street: Home Street
title: Title
mobile: Mobile Phone
business_country: Business Country
home_state: Home State
job_title: Job Title
business_phone: Business Phone
home_city: Home City
notes: Notes
suffix: Suffix