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RE: SASL authentication problem

I'm seeing the same problem. The OpenLDAP is an all-2.0.4 installation,
using cyrus-sasl 1.5.24 (as comes with RedHat 7.0, recompiled with gssapi
support) and MIT Kerberos 1.2 (as comes with RedHat 7.0). "Decoding Error"
is returned. I can provide any diagnostics necessary.

Rolling back to 2.0.3 solves the problem completely.


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From: Kurt D. Zeilenga [mailto:Kurt@OpenLDAP.org]
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Subject: Re: SASL authentication problem

At 06:07 PM 9/26/00 +0200, Giuseppe Lo Biondo wrote:
>It seems that the server returns something like "decoding error...".

Were you upgrading by chance?  The 2.0.3 server had a decoding
bug which fixed.  The 2.0.4 clients can aggravate this bug.

Make sure all components are 2.0.4.