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Re: help me..?


Are you using OpenLDAP? I worry some people here will complain you about this.

OK, you can use JNDI, and there are several sample code on how to do searching,
modifying, etc..in LDAP. Go to this site :




Isa de Moniq wrote:

> Hi,
> Ive just started working with LDAP. I am supposed to write queries and stuff
> in Java to an LDAP, but the thing is .. i dont know what i need to write
> these queries or even how to write them.
> i know i need to "log on" to the LDAP and things like that.. start and end a
> session..but i dont know anything about how to write it.
> unfortunately there are no books available on this subject around here.. and
> that is really too bad.
> please help me out w/ this one.
> /Josefine
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