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Re: Could not locate TLS/SSL package

Hello Ronald,

> I am installing openldap-2.0.4 on redhat6.2
> openssl0.9.5a is installed in /usr/local/ssl and ssl.h is in 
> /usr/local/ssl/include/openssl/
> for configure, I entered the following:
> env CPPFLAGS="-I/usr/local/ssl/include/openssl" LIBS="-L/usr/local/ssl/lib" \
>   ./configure --prefix=/usr/local/ldap --with-tls --enable-crypt --enable-wrappers
> but I get the following:
> checking for ssl/ssl.h... no
> checking for ssl.h... no
> configure: error: Could not locate TLS/SSL package
> what am i doing wrong?


Well, I've solved these by making a symbolic link from
"/usr/include/openssl" to "/usr/local/ssl/include/openssl". The
configure script does not really look for the ssl-libs (well, a feature
"--with-ssl-dir=/usr/local/ssl" would be nice:) and refers the openssl
includes by "<openssl/ssl.h>" and not by '"openssl/ssl.h"', so gcc looks
only in his system include path - not in the directories given by "-I";
fails with errors you mailed.


	-- Micha

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