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Re: user authentication and changing passwords

sorry, left out a few lines of my slapd.conf.  Here they are:

# Allow clients to authenticate
access to
        by dn="cn=Manager,dc=nowcom,dc=com" write
        by * read  

> I have the following ACL:
> # Deny all unless specifically allowed
> defaultaccess   none
> # Allow the manager and user to change the user's password
> access to attr=userpassword
>         by self write
>         by dn="cn=Manager,dc=nowcom,dc=com" write
>         by * search
> # Allow the following fields to be seen by the world
> access to attr=mail,cn,sn,givenname,o,ou,title,uid,telephoneNumber
>         by * read 
> I am trying to A) authenticate users still and B) allow them to change their
> passwords.   Currently both of these aren't working with the above ACL.

Joseph Hoot
System Administrator