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Re: Impossible to populate database - now successful !!

Thanks everybody who helped.
Because I have been requested so, this is how I solved the problem:
 1 - I used the ldif file suggested by Hugo
 2 - I used an hexadecimal editor to remove the CR (hex 'OD') characters my
      usual editors append just before the LF (hex 'OA') character, as Daniel
      suggested. Apparently, the ldif parser didn't accept it.

Since this make take me a lot of time to remove it manually from every entry I
      want to add in my database, may someone suggest me a "valid" editor? I am
      currently using emacs under Linux and/or the Notepad under Win-NT.



On Fri, 22 Sep 2000 Michelle.Wetterwald@stonesoft.com wrote:

> Now, I want to add entries to my database.
> I tried to add the following ldif file:
> dn: o=mycomp, c=com
> objectclass: top
> objectclass: organization
> o: mycomp

com is not a valid country.

As far as I know this whould be:

dn: dc=mycom, dc=com
objectclass: top
objectclass: organization
objectclass: dcObject
o: mycomp
dc: mycom.com


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