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RE: ---> General question about LDAP


> Hello everyone,
> I read the docs about setting up LDAP and configuration.  I'm
> interested in
> making it as a global address book directory service for our businesses.
> But is it possible for windows user to read or use LDAP as say Outlook
> contacts or personal address book or even Eudora address book?  I
> don't see
> how Outlook client can read the LDAP, it can however imports LDIF file.
> I'm trying to setup a global address book for multiple platforms, Linux,
> windows user(outlook, etc).

Outlook and other mail clients will read LDAP address books ( in Outlook
go Tools->Accounts->Directory Service to set it up ). But, they will read
address books only as primitive lists of "*person*" entries, and even then
sometimes disagree on the meaning of attributes. If you want an address
book with simple nested groups for example, your LDAP server will have to
support some client-specific schema ( if clients can understand them at
all ).

The problem is that there are too many LDAP address book related standards
that cover only attributes and objectclasses, and that is not enough for


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