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multithreading on linux

hi, i've got another question:

when i'm running slapd on an AIX machine, it starts one process and
that's it.
if i'm running slapd on linux, it starts 2 additional processes (one
child and a child of the child, the first process with PPID 1, 'course).
that normal? running configure comes up with this:

checking for NT Threads... no
checking for _beginthread... no
checking for pthread.h... yes
checking POSIX thread version... final
checking for LinuxThreads pthread.h... yes
checking for GNU Pth pthread.h... no
checking for sched.h... yes
checking for pthread_create in default libraries... no
checking for pthread link with -kthread... no
checking for pthread link with -pthread... yes
checking for sched_yield... yes
checking for pthread_yield... no
checking for pthread_kill... yes
checking for pthread_rwlock_destroy... yes
checking for pthread_detach with <pthread.h>... yes
checking for pthread_setconcurrency... yes
checking for pthread_getconcurrency... yes
checking for thr_setconcurrency... no
checking for thr_getconcurrency... no
checking for pthread_kill_other_threads_np... yes
checking for LinuxThreads implementation... yes
checking for LinuxThreads consistency... yes
checking if pthread_create() works... yes
checking if select yields when using pthreads... yes
checking for thread specific errno... yes
checking for thread specific h_errno... yes
checking for db.h... yes
checking for Berkeley DB link (default)... no
checking for Berkeley DB link (-ldb)... no
checking for Berkeley DB link (-ldb3)... yes
checking for Berkeley DB thread support... yes

looks like it tries to use threads and it doesn't complain, so i think
it should work..? but it seems that slapd just forks additional
processes and doesn't use threads.
i'm using redhat 6.1 with openldap 2.0.3

another question: what's that with the 'top' obj-class? it self does
nothing but requiering another obj-class. but there are several 'SUP top
STRUCTURAL' entries. are they refering to 'top'? (i think so) why? do i
have to add 'objectclass: top' for the base-entry given a few lines
above? slapd doesn't complain, so i can't tell. i never did it, and i
got no problems... (with openldap 1.2.11, however)

one more: (yet the 3rd question, isn't it?)

when i'm setting up a new DB, i can't add a new entry, unless i define a
rootdn and bind with it to slapd, or i add the entry with slapadd. (i
only use 'acces to * by peername"IP=someIP"' to 'secure' the DB (that's
not secure, i know)) after adding the organization to the DB i can add
further entries without binding as root. why? may i get problems through
adding the first entry with slapadd?

thx, thx, thx and regards
Daniel Tiefnig

Karlauergürtel 1
A-8020 GRAZ