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RE: Anyone have an openldap 2.0.3 ldif example?

On Thu, 21 Sep 2000, Steve Collins wrote:

> Hello all, please forgive following newbie questions:
> 	So, what if I already created the directory with
> suffix "dc=mydomain, dc=com"
> and now I want to change it to :
> suffix "o=myorg, c=US"
> I suppose I could delete all the entries, change slapd.conf, and restart (no
> problem to delete all the entries fortunately).
> I guess in this case it'd be better just to nuke the whole directory and
> start over.  How do I do this, and is it safe/OK ?

 1. Export to an LDIF file.
 2. Exit slapd
 3. Remove the database
 4. Change all instances of "dc=mydomain, dc=com" into "o=myorg, c=US"
 5. Start slapd
 6. Import the database with slapdadd

Downtime will depend on the size of the database. But you fill propably
find that it will take much more time to change all those other spots
where you are referring to "dc=mydomain, dc=com" now into "o=myorg, c=US".

This may take weeks before you spotted them all.


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