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Re: Anyone have an openldap 2.0.3 ldif example?

On Thu, 21 Sep 2000, Joseph Hoot wrote:

> I'm trying to create an ldif for openldap 2.0.3 and have found some
> inconsistencies with version 1.2.11.  For example, the root no longer uses
> objectclass: top, but rather objectclass: dcObject.  Does anyone have an ldif
> example that I can use to write my new ldif file?  Also, does anyone have a
> link to a web site that may have ldif examples or objectclass descriptions?

There are some samples in the source. Did you run the tests?

In the samples you will find a sample that starts like:

dn: o=University of Michigan, c=US
objectclass: top
objectclass: organization
o: University of Michigan


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