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Re: Configuration of SSL/TLS

At 06:07 AM 9/21/00 +0100, Hugo Monteiro wrote:
>        I have read that document from top to bottom several times ... Did as
>it says and i did get my slapd running using the certificate (my
>Netscape sees it and stores it). My question concerns pam_ldap ...

I suggest that pam_ldap questions to the pamldap@padl.com mailing

>i know it's suposed to have a certificate file to pass to the server,

slapd don't require clients provide a certificate...

>i've failed to gather information concerning how to build that same
>certificate. Could someone please give me some directions concerning the
>steps to create such a certificate?

I don't recall the steps I used... IIRC, I visited www.openssl.org
and figured it out from there...