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Re: Netscape communicator can't find cert for a given email address

On Tue, 19 Sep 2000, John Zhou wrote:

> I found some message in the mailing_list archive. Someone said it's probably
> necessary to add the binary option to the userCertificate attribute. I am
> not sure which file I need to modify in LDAP server.

Sounds like the schema files. I had to make changes to the netscape schema
file so I rewrote the lot using my own OID. When the roaming profiles are
done I'll browse through the archives and see if I can add that
functionality to to this schema file as well. (I do like the possibility
to put some certificate info into the LDAP database.

I'm not sure how much needs to be done yet. So don't hold your breath.


PS: After stage 1 I'll write a short document to describe the procedure
and post it somewhere. So others may benefit from my strugle (and the
efforts of others like Kurt who helped me to get a grasp of things.)

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