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Re: Multiple master servers

On Mon, 18 Sep 2000, S Ashok Kumar wrote:

> Does OpenLDAP support Multiple Master configuration wherein the Masters
> communicate between themselves (either LDAP in-band or out of band) to
> resolve conflicts of simultaneous writes? Can I, using OpenLDAP, have
> mulitple Master Servers for the same branch of LDAP tree?

>From man slurpd:

       Slurpd  is  used  to  propagate  changes  from  one  slapd
       database to another.  If slapd is configured to produce  a
       replication  log,  slurpd  reads  that replication log and
       sends the changes to the slave  slapd  instances  via  the
       LDAP  protocol.  slurpd is typically invoked at boot time,
       usually out of /etc/rc.local.


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