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RE: slapd.conf on NT

At 09:15 AM 9/15/00 -0400, Narasimhan Venkateswaran wrote:
>Thanks for the prompt response. But this happens even when I start the
>application from the test/data folder

The config files in test/data are used from test, not test/data:
% ../servers/slapd/slapd -f ./data/slapd.conf -h ldap://localhost:9009 -d 1

The test suite is designed to operate in a Unix runtime environment.
They may run under Cygwin or the like... but likely only if you
built OpenLDAP in such.  I have no clue as to whether the scripts
can test a MSVC built slapd... I never tried it.

>$ ../../Debug/slapd -f ./slapd.conf -d 1
>starting slapd...
>OpenLDAP -devel Standalone LDAP Server (slapd)daemon_init: listen on
>daemon_init: 1 listeners to open...
>daemon: initialized ldap:///
>daemon_init: 1 listeners opened
>../../Debug/slapd init: initiated server.
>No objectClass "top" defined in schema
>schema prep error
>../../Debug/slapd shutdown: freeing system resources.
>slapd stopped.
>connections_destroy: nothing to destroy.

This looks like slapd was unable to include the *.schema files...
Turn up the logging and you'll likely see why.