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Re: Problems with ACLs..

Yes, you are of course right. Fixing the ACLs fixed most of it...

It turns out that the SASL UID was "UID=pjm3" rather than
"UID=pjm3+realm=NET.IC.AC.UK". I suspect that were I coming from another
realm, the realm would actually be there, i.e. pjm3@IC.AC.UK would be
"UID=pjm3+realm=IC.AC.UK", but a principal in the same realm doesn't have a
realm. Is that right?


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>With SASL and the ACL (GSSAPI or CRAM-MD5, both of which work fine without
>the ACL), I get no output, and "ldap_sasl_interactive_bind_s: DSA is
>unavailable". If I supply a "-Y mech" argument, I simply get no results,
>no errors either.

Yes, because of the access controls don't allow any return of