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Re: Indexing problem

At 03:47 PM 9/14/00 -0700, Iddyamadom Santhoshkumar wrote:
>After installing OpenLDAP2.0.1, tried executing
>/usr/local/sbin/slapadd -c -f
>/usr/local/etc/openldap/slapd.conf -l sample.ldif
>sample.ldif file contains lot of entries
>where the value of "sn:" is empty.

sn shouldn't be empty.

>slapadd: dn="uid=thomas,ou=People,o=airius.com"
>(line=49): missing required attribute

you input doesn't conform to schema

>schema_init.c:1374: failed assertion 'i>0'
>Abort (core dumped)

That's a bug.  It aggregated by passing in bad data.  It
can be avoid by using ldapadd(1).  [You should get additional
errors using ldapadd(1) until you fix LDIF].

>Anyone has an idea why this happens ?

bad input

>The same "sample.ldif" used to work fine while trying
>ldif2ldbm utility.

ldif2ldbm works only with 1.2 (and should only be used
with known good data).

>(But, I am not sure whether that
>entry was added to database or not). But, it was able
>to process all the entries.

Use ldapadd(1) as directed in the Quick Start Guide.