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Re: suddenly I can't find things....

Randy Kunkee wrote:
> You should try to dump your database with ldbmcat, examine the resulting
> ldif file to see if it is reasonable, and if so reload it with ldif2ldbm.
> Save your old database files off to another directory directory just in
> case.  This needs to be done with slapd down.

I didn't say that this is the second time I experienced the same failure
and last time I recreated the ldap directory using a ldif file and

Could this problem have anything to do with missing schema entries? I
thought that last time i got this problem, and then I tried to add the
missing schema's but maybe I did a poor job. 

I also didn't say that the only program using the directory is a
somewhat unfinished Samba version (cvs HEAD from 10.15.1999).

Thanks for the suggestion anyway.