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Re: slapadd and ldapadd

At 01:55 AM 9/14/00 +0530, Anand Raman wrote:
>hi guys
>There are 2 sepearte commands called slapadd and ldapadd ..
>Which one is preferable over the other and why are there 2 choices

ldapadd uses the LDAP Add operation to add entries to your
directory.  ldapadd can operation concurrently with other
LDAP clients.

slapadd loads entries into a directory directly.  It's
primarily to be used in conjunction slapcat to rebuild a
directory.  All slap* tools require sole access to the directory.

Both ldapadd and slapadd except LDIF input.

There are two tools because they serve two different functions.
The general tool is ldapadd.  slapadd is primarily a recovery
tool.  Each has pros and cons.

I generally prefer the more general tool, ldapadd.