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Re: OpenLDAP 2.0.1, netscape and userSMIMEcertificate

On Wed, 13 Sep 2000, Karsten Künne wrote:

> I tried to convince netscape to use a 2.0.1 server in order
> to store and retrieve S/MIME-Certificates and I ran into
> some problems. First, netscape was not able to store a
> certificate because the server complained that "binary" is
> not allowed for the userSMIMEcertificate attribute. After
> changing the syntax of this attribute to
> the server and netscape were
> happy and the certificate (or whatever netscape sends there)
> was stored. Now I wonder if there is any reason why the syntax
> has no SLAP_SYNTAX_BINARY flag
> but the other one has. Around line 2296 in schema_init.c
> one can find:
>  {"( DESC 'Binary' " X_BINARY X_NOT_H_R ")",
>          SLAP_SYNTAX_BER, berValidate, NULL, NULL},
> ....
>  {"( DESC 'Certificate' "
>          X_BINARY X_NOT_H_R ")",

Hmm. Do you refer to nsLIData in the schema?


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