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Re: OpenLDAP2.0.1/SAMBA schemas

> The next week we are planning to test the Open-ldap 2.0.1... 

>From what I've read you need OIDs for the SAMBA objectclasses, correct? If
so I wonder will they be given OIDs by SAMBA or OpenLDAP teams at a later
stage (or do you have to assign them yourself)!? And if OIDs are needed
does SAMBA not have to be able to handle this? (I have practically zero
knowledge of OIDs and their use, so, will somebody put me straight if I'm
wrong here?). Also, are there OIDs one can use for testing purposes?


> > > > Has anybody translated the ver. 1.2 schemas to ver. 2.0.1 schemas?
> > > > Assuming somebody has, I'd appreciate greatly if they would send them on
> > > > and maybe any additional schemas that might be useful for Samba TNG2.6!?
> > >
> > > All schema files provided with openldap 1.2 made it to 2.0 as far as I
> > > know.
> > > Are you referring to other schema files?
> > 
> > Yes. The schemas I was using can be found at Ignacio Coupeau's site (see
> > URL below).
> > Can anybody do a quick translation of these into 2.0.x format!?
> > 
> > http://www.unav.es/cti/ldap-smb/ldap-smb-TNG-howto.html#sldap.oc.conf