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Re: No validator ???

Hi Gwenael 
i guess u are right.. 

I was having problems in inserting even the individual names into the 
ldap directory and when i managed to do so i was sooo happy that i 
completly forgot what u had pointed out.. 

Indeed the name uniquemember validation hasnt been built into openLdap

Anyway do u know how to add the java schema to the existing schema..
How did u add the java schema to the existing schema.. All my 
attempsts to use CreateJavaSchema have failed..
I will appreciate if u could let me know this..

Anand Raman
New Delhi , India

On Mon, Sep 11, 2000 at 08:57:32AM +0000, Gwenael Treguier wrote:
>I have post on this same mailing list, a partial solution to your problem...
>In fact, OpenLDAP does not implement a validator for UniqueMember...
>But the JNDI Tutorial  works well even if you you suppress all the Groups entries.
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