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Re: No validator ???

U wouldnt beleive it if i told u that i was going thru ur post in the
mailing list archive just a few minutes back..

Anyway i managed to enter the enteries (a few) from the tutorial.ldif
file properly..

U see the problem with tutorial.ldif is that it tries to enter the
uniqueMembers when the DN for all such enteries havent been entered..

Juggling the order in which the enteries will be added solved the
For this reason i moved all the individual enteries on top of everything

Things have worked out fine.. 

But now i am stuck trying to incorporate java objects in the schema..
Any idea how to go about it..


On Mon, Sep 11, 2000 at 08:57:32AM +0000, Gwenael Treguier wrote:
>I have post on this same mailing list, a partial solution to your problem...
>In fact, OpenLDAP does not implement a validator for UniqueMember...
>But the JNDI Tutorial  works well even if you you suppress all the Groups entries.
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