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Re: Netscape Roaming Profile for OpenLDAP v2

On Fri, 8 Sep 2000, Kurt D. Zeilenga wrote:

> At 02:02 AM 9/7/00 +0200, Hugo.van.der.Kooij@caiw.nl wrote:
> >Which is slightly different from my original one.
> It's quite different... no matching rules are provided
> for any of the attribute types.  I also note that all
> the object classes are structural.  I wonder if this is
> consistent with the application usage.

I guess Netscape is able to synchronize the browser usage with the support
it included in their directory server.

> Have you tried this loading this schema into OpenLDAP 2.0
> and using the application?
> (to convert, apply the following edit
>         s/^attributetypes:/attributetype/

So far I'm still unable to get roaming profiles working with openldap 2.0

I think I need to do some serieus debugging to see what is going on and
what isn't going on but should have been.


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