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Re: aliasing and slapd

> "Kurt D. Zeilenga" wrote:
> > At 05:37 PM 6/20/00 +1000, Aoife_Kavanagh@rta.nsw.gov.au wrote:
> > >I'm running openLDAP on Linux.  I've created an entry which is an alias to another entry.  However, whenever I try and do a search, my alias is never dereferenced.  Does slapd support aliasing?
> >
> > Yes.  It's not complete and, as recently reported, might have
> > a serious implementation bug (ITS#597).
> >
> > You have ran into a completeness issue.  The current implementation,
> > while searching, will only consider the aliasedObject entry
> > not the subtree at the aliasedObjectName.
> Dear all,
>     I'm using OpenLDAP-1.2.10 and I want to use extensive aliasing.
>     Can you please update me on this?
>     Whether the latest release supports aliasing ?
> Regards,
> Stay healthy,
> Amol

OpenLDAP 1.2.x has only limited aliasing support, and this support will
not be extended.  Bugs may be fixed, but what you really need to do is
get OpenLDAP 2.0 where there is more support for aliasing, as well as
ongoing development.