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Re: Fail test001-slapadd

At 03:11 PM 9/7/00 +0000, Hery Rakotoarisoa wrote:
>Sol 2.7, openldap-2.0.1, db-3.1.17, openssl-0.9.5a
>and cyrus-sasl-1.5.24
>The test001-slapadd failed in comparing the original
>ldif and the ldapsearch result. Two things seem different
>between ldapsearch.flt and ldif.flt:
>- there is a « TLS: PRNG has not been seeded with enough data »
>in the first line of ldapsearch.flt

Your TLS installation is incomplete.  OpenLDAP requires a
source of entropy suitable for use for seeding various
encryption algorithms.  If your system doesn't support
/dev/[u]random (there are add-ons for various platforms
available), I suggest running an Entropy Gathering Daemon.

Use the RANDFILE environment variable to specify the
entropy source.