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Re: ldbmcat,ldapadd and 2.x?

At 01:08 PM 9/6/00 -0700, Hugh Caley wrote:
>I exported the databases from my 1.2.11 server using ldbmcat.

Use ldbmcat -n.

>Is it choking on the numeral line?

Yes.  Not allowed per LDIF specifications.

>The man page for ldapadd states that these lines will be ignored.  ?

Man page is in error and should be updated.  Also note that
ldapadd(1) no longer supports the "ALTERNATIVE FORMAT".

>Also, it would not accept my {crypt} password for binding, although 1.2 doesn't have that problem.  Once I changed the password to plain text it worked.

Sounds like either the configure did not detect crypt(3) support...
or the value bad.