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pam_ldap & Netware 5 ldap Server


first, I don't know if this is the right group, but the openldap.org site 
is not very clear concerning the list to post.

If it's the wrong one please tell where i can post this question.

We have Netware 5.0 with the ldap server running. It tested it using 
outlook express ( after solving the CN= problem ) and it works

I now would like to use pam_ldap on our unix machines to authenticate the 
users and to get all the informations about the users I can put into the 
ldap database ( uid, group, gid, shell ...).

I did not find documentation about :

- how to configure the client linux machine
- what client I could use on the linux machine to test the configuration
- how to configure pam_ldap.

Can anyone tell me a goud documentation source.

Thank you

Andreas Moroder