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Openldap 2.0.1 release on FreeBSD 4.1 (server socket bind problem)


I'm trying to use the new openldap release (never test the 2.x tree

here is my config script
./configure --prefix=/opt/server/openldap2/openldap-2.0.1 --enable-sql
--enable-ipv6=no --disable-ipv6

All is ok on compilation.

But when I start slapd I got :
daemon: unsupported address family (28)
slapd starting

Watching this with lsof gives :

slapd   89422 root    8u  IPv6 0xc92e20c0       0t0    TCP *:ldap

It seems to bind IPV6 family address.

Is it a bug or a missconfiguration on my part ?