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Re: Netscape Roaming Profile for OpenLDAP v2

Forwarded message:
> > I suggest you find a Netscape LDAPv3 server (they might even have
> > demo licenses available) with this schema loaded and the read the
> > definitions from a subschema subentry.  Then it's just a simple
> > edit to create OpenLDAP schema directives.
> e.g.:
> # ldapsearch  -h memberdir.netscape.com -p 389 -b cn=schema \
> 	"objectclass=*" |grep -i nsLI

  In a much simpler vein, simply get the debian package for openldap and
take a look at the docs included. They have this very nice FAQ that explains
how the schema should look like and what you have to do.

  Netscape is surprisingly very flexible and accepts even altered schemas as
long as you keep certain key aspects like the objectclass. I have managed to
incorporate the netscape profile entries to our existing kontakt/person
management database.

  Feel free to send me PM if you have any problems.

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