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Re: back-sql

"Lukman W. Kusuma" wrote:

> Dear Dmitry,
> I have tried once OpenLDAP to Oracle8i with OpenLink ODBC driver. I knew it almost
> work because my Oracle listener log the connection from LDAP, but I can't resolve
> one issue. The OpenLink driver couldn't get the result set from Oracle.
> Till now, I am still stuck there. Even with OpenLink support. I gave up.
> Any other ODBC driver that I can use?  There should be something else I can try to
> make this work.
> I am using COL eServer 2.3 , OpenLDAP 1.2.11 & Oracle 8.1.5 for Linux.
> Please advice me.
> Thanks
> Lukman

Hello Lukman,
 Could you please provide more information? Did you test your ability to work with
Oracle through iODBC+Openlink driver with odbctest?
 If that is ok, did you test sample configuration provided with back-sql? Can you
send a log of the session (slapd -d 5 will be fine)?
 I had successfull tests with various Oracle versions (7,8 but not higher than
8.1.3), so I think it would not be such a big problem to get it working... In case of
big troubles, you'll have to wait a little (for me to setup 8.1.5 and test it myself

BTW, OpenLDAP 1.2.11 DOES NOT contain back-sql (or at least it should not - I never
checked;), it is available in 2.0 and CVS HEAD branch, so it is kinda strange that
you are using 1.2.11...

Awaiting for more information,

WBW, Dmitry