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Re: slapd fails to start

On 2 Sep 2000, Laurent Bonnaud wrote:

> Hi again,
> when I try to start slapd 2.0.0 on my Debian GNU/Linux 2.2 system, it
> exits immediately and the following is logged to syslog:
>  slapd[20042]: daemon: socket() failed errno=22 (Invalid argument) 
>  slapd[20042]: daemon: bind(6) failed errno=14 (Bad address) 
>  slapd[20042]: daemon: bind(6) failed 
>  slapd[20042]: slapd stopped. 
> You'll find below the end of a strace log...
> The question is what does slapd try to do with IPv6 sockets ?

slapd does come with IP v6 support. I think configure guessed you can
handle them. I suggest you disable them in the configure phase. Perhaps
some other settings need your attention as well.


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