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Re: OpenLDAP version 2.0 release

At 09:29 AM 9/1/00 -0700, mwangu wrote:
>>  I see in the announcement for today that the
>> OpenLDAP
>> version 2.0 has been released., and this is also
>> reflected by the statements on www.openldap.org
>> But the links for the stable releases still show
>> version 1.2.11 as being the current release.

A release is not "stable" until it has demonstrated 
stability through "general use" which requires "release".

The terms of "release" and "stable" as they apply to
OpenLDAP software packaging is detailed at:
and, IIRC, in the FAQ.

>> Where can I download the release version of OpenLDAP
>> 2.0?

You can download it from one of many mirrors listed at:

or directly from OpenLDAP FTP service at: